About me



Welcome to my blog!

Here i combine my passion for (korean) beauty, make-up, popculture and videogames.





Since i got my gameboy as child with the red pokemon version, i got addicted to videogames. Today i’m interested in genres like RPGs, Horror, Surival and Telltale. Also my blogname still shows my dedication for MMOs, especially World of Warcraft (healing classes, where you at?).




A few years ago i also discovered my love for make-up. I always liked art and the way you can express yourself with it. Nevertheless i’m not just into art, but also into buying products, testing them and creating new looks every day. Since i’ve been to Seoul, Southkorea for holiday in 2017 i’m quite addicted to K-Beauty and asian products as well!




My fascination for asian popculture began with watching anime after school as a child and i I especially kept my interest for Japan. I started japanese studies at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf in 2012. There i also achieved my Bachelor of Arts in 2016 and i’ll be having my Master of Arts this year. As i’ve travelled to Japan, Southkorea and Thailand in the last few years, i can say that my interest for asian (pop-)culture, history and food (!) will probably never end.






But why such diverse topics?

And i say: why not. I have different interests and couldn’t give up neither of them. On the contrary – i try to combine them and create something new. I think everyone should live their hobbies and just do what they love