Winter Fashion 2022

Hi guys!

Winter is here and I have to say that I’m totally in Christmas mood this year and absolutely here for the winter fashion.

The super cold weather currently with minus degrees is of course adding to the Christmas spirit and makes me want to only wear fluffy, cozy and cute outfits all season.

In this blog article I want to show you some of my winter outfits and some of my holy grails fashion pieces – maybe they inspire you!

  1. Troyer Collar Pullover

This year I really got into Troyer Collar Pullovers. They are comfy, easy to combine with other fashion pieces and just always give your outfit a little something special. They come in different colors, but for that “Scandinavian Look” go with white, dark blue or black and very important: with stripes!

2. Puffer Jackets

A true staple that will forever keep you warm and cozy – a puffer jacket! A few years back I was always too vain to wear one because they tend to make you look bigger than you actually are, but man – I was wrong. As soon as it hits under 5 degrees celsius, you can’t get me out of it. Those jackets might be a bit expensive on the first look, but it’s a true investment and will keep you warm many years. You can find amazing puffer jackets currently at Street One for a good price:

3. Ear Muffs

Not gonna lie – ear muffs have me in chokehold this season. It took me multiple days and a few different stores to find the perfect pair, which looks cute, but not too bulky on me! I’m obsessed with them and combine them to my outfit every day now. Always looking ready to go on winter vacation to a ski resort now!

What’s a fashion piece you can’t live without this winter season? Let me know in the comments!

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