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Hi guys!

We all got a busy and stressful life – whether it’s because of work, school or university. So it’s super important to calm down, relax and just escape the everyday stress and practice selfcare.

In this blogpost I’ll share some tipps with you, what I’m doing to relax after a long day of work. Hope you enjoy!

1) Lighten up a scented candle

This might be super simple, but for me personally it makes a huge difference. Candles are really calming in general, but I really love to use candle with a scent. Especially with a fresh and wooden scent like sea salt or sandalwood. Lavender is also nice before going to sleep. I always use a candle that has a more subtle, but noticeable aroma. As soon as the fragrance spreads through my apartment, I feel more relaxed and homey.

Source: Pexels

2) Do a sheetmask/facemask/peeling

If you’re following me for a while, you probably know how important good skincare is for me. I try to use a sheet mask everyday and if I want to practice an evening of selfcare, I like to include some extra steps.

I do my usual skincare routine but this time include a peeling, facemask and a sheet mask. First, I use a peeling to get rid of dead skin cells. Then I use a wash off type face mask. Afterwards I use a sheet mask on top. After those steps, I use a face oil and gently massage my face with a Gua Sha in order to improve my blood flow. You might not see an immediate result, but the more often you use the Gua Sha, your face will get slimmer and a sharper jawline. Your skin will feel soft and looking glowy.

Source: Pexels

3) Pouring a glas of wine

I guess this is quite self explanatory, but there’s nothing more relaxing than a glass of a nice wine. I prefer white wine to red wine, but wouldn’t say no to any of them. Of course too much alcohol is very bad for your body, but if you treat yourself with one glass from time to time it’s fine.

Source: Pexels

4) Listening to audio books

While using a sheet mask or face mask, I like to listen to audio books. One of my favorite genres are true crime stories or thriller. Audio books can really help to get your head free. Audible is a great place to search for audio books – if you’re interested, check out this link:

Source: Pexels

5) Stretching & Yoga

After sitting in the office or working from home all day, your muscles needs to get stretched. I really tend to get back pain if I don’t do that. If you don’t have one at home, I can recommend to get a home roller. Use it in order to stretch your neck and back, it will do wonders. Another nice thing to do are home workouts or yoga. You can find helpful videos on YouTube for that.

Source: Pexels

Whats your personal relax tipp after a day of stress? Let me know in the comments!

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