“Papas Brot” – a german bakery in seoul

Hi guys!

Korea has a large and great selection of different dishes, but sometimes as a European you miss some food that is not so easy to get here. As being a German potato myself, a typical case for me is bread. The Korean version is unfortunately often too sweet for me and simply not comparable. I’ll never forget the disappointment of trying bread here and it tastes sweet or sugary – ugh.

So I was more than pleased when I found out that there is a German bakery in the middle of Gangnam. It’s called ‘Papas Brot’ and is located nearby Gangnam Station at Exit 4.

You can reach the bakery by walking down these stairs. Here you can buy German baked goods such as sourdough bread and ‚Brötchen‘. 

If you feel like having a coffee and a sandwich (‚Brötchen‘), you can also enjoy it in the cafe. The owners are very friendly and even speak German, since they lived in this country for a long time! I always have a nice chat with them when I visit this place. They’re super welcoming!

I can highly recommend the bakery! The food tastes authentic and just like home. Of course everything is a bit more expensive than in Europe, but definitely worth it if you feel homesick or miss good old German pastries.

Are you such a bread-lover like me? Let me know in the comments!

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