teamLab: Life – Exhibition at DDP

Hi guys!

Seoul has got a lot of art galleries to offer, but one that definitely stands out is the current teamLab: Life Exhibition inside Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). It is being held until April 4th of 2021 and showcases breathtaking digital artwork on LED displays.

You will be guided through different rooms. Each room has got another colorful theme, which is all connected to a nature topic and the symbolism of life and death. In one room you’ll be surrounded by thousand of butterflies, yet another one is filled with calming ocean waves.

The price for an adult ticket is 20.000Won. You can either book on their website or at the counter inside the gallery.

Don’t miss out on the interactive installations that this exhibition offers! It’s indeed one of a kind and for sure an exhibition you won’t forget that easily.

Do you want to experience the teamLab: Life exhibition? Is this something you’re interested in? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “teamLab: Life – Exhibition at DDP

  1. Where can you buy the ticket online ? I try the website but needs to go through Naver, Kaokao or Melon. I am not a Korean Resident. Thank you


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