Petite France – A touch of Europe in Korea

Hi guys!

You live in Korea but miss European flair? Or have you always wanted to visit France but never had the chance? Well, there’s one place where you’ll probably find more “France” than anywhere else in Korea. This place is called ‘Petite France’.

It is built like a small village, but no one actually lives there. Rather, it is a tribute to France. The owner, a rich Korean man, is so in love with the European country that he has collected all kinds of things from there. In the end, he even built his own little French village.

The “fake village” includes his complete collection, which is in constant expansion. From puppets (marionettes), drawings of the Little Prince, French furniture or an Eiffel Tower replica – everything can be found here. In fact, it’s so fascinating that it has already served as a K-drama shooting location.

It’s quite entertaining to take photos or get a little European flair, however, it’s not particularly authentic as more of a charming exaggeration of France. In my opinion I’d recommend to visit that place only if you already live in Korea, you’re a hardcore K-drama fan or you’re close to this location anyway. If you come here for a short period of time for vacation, I think it’s not really worth the visit.

Have you ever visited Petite France or plan to do so? Let me know in the comments!

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