a visit to the secret garden of Changdeokgung Palace during winter

Hi guys!

Seoul experienced its first snow this winter and of course I had to go outside and check out some places that just hit different during snowfall. One of these places is the Secret Garden of Changdeokgung Palace. It’s a very popular sightseeing spot anyway, but with the change of seasons, the mood of the whole area changes as well.

Although most of the fresh snow started melting around the city, the snow within the Secret Garden, the forest and the rooftops of the palace buildings were still intact. Even the small pond of the garden was frozen and had snow on top of it, which made it even more special!

However, if you want to visit this specific area, make sure to book a guided tour before going inside the palace! You can’t visit the Secret Garden by yourself. They offer multiple English speaking tours a day. A ticket for an adult is about 5.000Won, which is about 3,50€. Trust me, it’s absolutely worth it – also during the other seasons.

Have you ever visited the Secret Garden? Let me know in the comments!

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