BTS: Map of the soul – pop up store

Hi guys!

A new BTS merchandise pop up store opened in the district of Sinsa (Seoul), which is only available to visit for a limited amount of time. You need to have a valid NAVER account in order to get a ticket. This app is one of the most used ones in Korea, but unfortunately doesn’t have an English option. The ticket queue is open every 2 weeks on a tuesday at 11am. After my second attempt I was lucky enough to get an online reservation for the store. It doesn’t cost anything, but you have to live in Korea of course – otherwise you can’t visit it.

They won’t let you wait in line 10 minutes before your time slot would be, so arriving a few minutes before your time slot is good enough! My time slot was at 12pm. Show them your QR code on the NAVER app with your reservation date and let them know your personal data for visiting (because of covid) and wait in line. The employees gave me plastic gloves, which I had to wear the whole time visiting the store and of course a face mask was mandatory as well. Per time slot only a limited amount of people are allowed inside the store.

Once the safety requirements are set, you’re ready to go!

The first floor contains all merchandise that you can buy in the store – among that show-case exclusives. Some items have a buy-limitation per customer, so it’s fair for everyone. To be honest, most of the merchandise was quite pricey, so I skipped on most of it.

I bought the reusable tumbler, cause it was cute and only 4,900Won (3,50€). You need to pay at the counter on the first floor in order to visit the other floors. Cash and credit card payment is possible!

The second floor has a “Black Swan”-theme going on – including cages and big, black wings to take photos at. Besides that, you can check out the other merchandise presented – it’s not up for sale unfortunately. You can purchase it in the Weverse Online Shop though.

Up in the third and last floor of the store, the TINY TAN collection awaits you! It’s super cute to take pictures with and was actually my favorite floor. You can find a little “Dynamite”-themed booth, too.

Outside of this floor is a small alley with Army-Bombs – a perfect photo location yet again! You can ask the friendly employees to take a picture of you.

As far as I know there’s no time limit of how long you can stay inside the store, but I guess it’s around an hour! I stayed for 40 minutes, which was more than enough time though 🙂

Would you like to visit the BTS pop up store? Do you buy K-pop merchandise a lot? Let me know in the comments!

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