ORSAY Inspired Lookbook

Hi guys!

Today I’m back with a lookbook inspired by the fashion company ORSAY. One thing that really stands out to me is their casual business look they’re going for and which I really like myself. So i tried to create some outfits inspired by it – let’s go!

Casual Blazer Look

One way to make any outfit immediately more classy is to add a blazer to it. Combined with shorts, jeans or basic shirts and sneakers, it will give your look the perfect amount of classic-business yet makes it more casual for an everyday style.

Especially in summer I love to combine a light blazer with shorts of the same colour. It makes your whole outfit look put together and suitable for every occasion.

ORSAY offers a large variety of blazers, you can find them here.

Find similar* fashion pieces at ORSAY:

Blazer: https://www.orsay.com/de-de/taillierter-blazer-482347660000.html

Shirt: https://www.orsay.com/de-de/basic-t-shirt-154102000000.html

Shorts: https://www.orsay.com/de-de/chinoshorts-321027660000.html

*not exactly the same items, but fashion items that are similar to my look.

You can find more business inspired looks by ORSAY here in their online shop.

Let your jacket become the eye-catcher!

When the days are getting shorter and the cold evenings are coming faster, I like to build my outfit around a jacket. This way the jacket not only becomes a necessary fashion piece, but also is part of the complete look. During autumn I like to combine it with turtleneck shirts and jeans.

Find similar* fashion pieces at ORSAY:




Turtleneck Shirt: https://www.orsay.com/de-de/shirt-mit-halbrollkragen-153290660000.html

Jeans: https://www.orsay.com/de-de/mid-waist-jeggings-359188548000.html

*not exactly the same items, but fashion items that are similar to my look.

Do you like the casual business look? Let me know in the comments!

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