Floating Starbucks on Han River

Hi guys!

Koreans love coffee – they drink a huge amount of it every day. Especially “Iced Americano” (black coffee with icecubes) is the go-to. Since living here, I developed a light addiction to it, minimum one coffee a day is a must for me.

In order to satisfy the coffee addiction, there are many franchises where coffee lovers can go to. Twosome Place, Angel-in-us, Hollys Coffee and Ediya Coffee are just a few korean franchises to name!

Of course international brands like Starbucks are a big hit as well. But did you know that Seoul has got a floating Starbucks branch on Han River?

Just around Jamwon Park (Subway Station: Jamwon) along Han River you can find a floating Starbucks inside “Seoul Wave” – with an amazing view of Seoul’s skyline and the Namsan Tower.

Photo Credit: Tiago Azinheira @totori_namu
Photo Credit: Tiago Azinheira @totori_namu

When I visited this particular Starbucks branch, they offered the Halloween special drinks, which I wanted to try! In contrast to the typical autumn “pumpkin spice latte” drink that we can order in the “western” Starbucks, the korean version had got a seasonal drink called Pumpkin Halloween Tea Latte on their menu.

The drink tasted very sweet, but more like cinnamon and white chocolate than the typical “pumpkin spice” flavor. I decided to go without the whip cream and got the iced version of the drink. It came with two “eyes” on the drink, which turned out to be white and brown chocolate.

You can even sit outside on a little terrace, watching the Han river and if you’re coming at late afternoon you can experience a beautiful sunset. I can highly recommend to check out this Starbucks branch if you’re around Han river or Jamwon Park! It’s unique for sure.

My tipp: Rent a bike and take a ride along the river! A stop at this place makes a great break location!

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