Life in Korea – The More You Know Part 1

Hi guys!

This blogpost is about some things, you might want to be aware of if you come to Korea! 🙂

  1. Don’t show your shoulders/cleavage

It’s not appropriate (as a girl) to wear clothes that show your shoulders or a lot of cleavage. If you do, you might get evil stares, especially from the older generation. Wearing short dresses, skirts or pants is fine and absolutely acceptable. Nowadays you might see younger girls dressing with showing shoulder or cleavage, a lot of the time around Itaewon or Hongdae area though, which tend to be more “hip”, international and young districts.

2. Prostitution and abortion is illegal

I think I don’t have to explain that in detail, but basically prostitution is illegal in Korea – that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist though. There are a lot of places like scatchy karaoke rooms/bars or “talking bars” that offer “karaoke” girls as companions. I heard that there are also some massage places that offer more than just a relaxing get-away. Look out for places that have two spinning poles (similar to the ones in front of barber shops) next to each other – that’s basically a sign that you can get some “fun” there.

Same with abortion. Just because it’s illegal, doesn’t mean you can’t get it. I heard if you need it, you can find clinics that do it.

Edit: The current abortion law gets rewritten and it’s expected to be legal by the end of 2020!

3. “Koreans don’t get STDs”

Yupp – a lot of Koreans seriously think they can’t get STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), because they’re “clean” and that it’s a thing coming from foreign countries. So the usage of condoms isn’t that common. But please – guys, stay safe and always use one, especially if you don’t know the other person that well!

4. Porn is banned

Porn is illegal and banned in Korea. Most of the time Koreans use a VPN in order to watch it online from foreign websites – maybe also a reason why there exist such “sexy” stereotypes about foreign girls?

5. Public Affection

Dating and showing off as a couple is a big thing here – but not showing concrete affection in public, such as kissing! You’ll see couples holding hands or sometimes hugging, but this is all. Showing more affection – especially kissing or touching each other – is not appropriate. I seriously think I’ve never seen a couple kiss each other here. On the other side, i’ve seen couples having a fight in public many times though, haha!

Have you heard about anything of that? Let me know in the comments!

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