Heimish Beauty Review

Hi guys!

I tested out some new products – this time by the Korean Beauty brand “Heimish”. I’ve heard about their products before and was always very keen in giving them a try. They’re more on the pricey side, but spoiler alert: it’s worth it!

Notice: I have a dry to normal skin type, fine wrinkles and tend to have large pores.

For all my German followers: Heimish is officially available at Douglas! Click here to see all products in the assortment.

#1 All Clean Balm

The “All Clean Balm” is by far the most well known product by Heimish. I’ve heard about it for such a long time and after trying it, I knew why it had such a good reputation!

You can use it to remove your makeup gently – the consistency reminds me of coconut oil and it has this typical “spa scent”. Put it on your dry face, rub it gently – the product melts on your skin – wash it off after. Your skin gets clean and glowy! For me it replaced the oil cleanser in my skincare routine.

All Clean Balm

#2 Refresh Water Toner

This 3-in-1 “Refresh Water Toner” regulates the ph value of the skin and provides moisture. It cleanses, soothes and hydrates the skin while strengthening the skin barrier and protecting it from dirt and free radicals. Furthermore it has a peeling effect – a slight tingling is definitely noticeable! The toner has a fresh and light scent. I’d recommend it to normal to dry skin types.

Refresh Water Toner

#3 Bulgarian Rose Water Mist Serum

After using the toner, I usually follow up with a serum. The Heimish “Bulgarian Rose Water Mist Serum” is part of the Bulgarian Rose collection and is enriched with 88% Bulgarian rose water. The Bulgarian Rose is supposed to be a special rose breed, which contains a lot of natural minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Because of these features, it’s often used in beauty products, such as in this line by Heimish.

The serum is definitely on the light side and reminds me more of a face mist than a serum. Nonetheless, I love the mild rose scent and hydrating effect that it gives. You can also use it as a face mist throughout the day, whenever your skin feels dry.

Bulgarian Rose Water Mist

#4 Marine Care Eye Cream

Guys, I have to say it: I love, love, LOVE this eye cream! I sticked to another brand for years now, but the “Marine Care Eye Cream” is easily replacing my old favorite currently. The eye cream is enriched with fermented seaweed and plant stem cell extracts, which provides intensive moisture and offers an anti-aging effect.

The texture is super rich and creamy – giving your sensitive and dry under eye area exactly what it needs. I also noticed that my (slowly but coming) fine wrinkles are reduced. The light scent of the cream reminded me of the ocean.

Marine Care Eye Cream

#5 Bulgarian Rose Water Satin Cream

As last step of my Heimish Skincare Routine, I use the Heimish “Bulgarian Rose Satin Cream”, which is also part of the Bulgarian rose line. Calling it “Satin” is legit on point – the texture of this face cream is light, yet super silky and feels like satin on your face – beautiful!
The contained lactic acid promotes cell regeneration and vitamin B3 improves the skin tone by reducing the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines. I was definitely able to notice that my skin tone looks more bright and even!

Bulgarian Rose Satin Cream

Heimish All Clean Balm – 22,95€ (120 ml)

Heimish Refresh Water Toner – 23,95 € (250ml)

Heimish Rose Water Mist Serum – 28,95€ (55ml)

Heimish Marine Care Eye Cream (currently not available at Douglas)

Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Satin Cream – 35,95€ (55 ml)

Have you heard about Heimish before? Have you ever tested one of their products? Let me know in the comments!

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