How To Get The Alien Registration Card in Korea

Hi guys!

As some of you know, I’m currently living in South Korea for a year with a Working Holiday Visa (H1 Visa). This blogpost might be helpful for you if you consider to come to Korea for a longer time period.

You can find my blogpost on how to get a working holiday visa here.


#1 What is the Alien Registration Card?

The Alien Registration Card is an ID for foreign residents in South Korea. You need it to be able to get a Korean phone number, a bank account, rent an apartment, internet for your flat etc pp. So basically for your everyday-life. If you’re living here for a longer time period, I highly suggest to get it.

#2 When to get the Alien Registration Card?

If you come to Korea and already know you’re staying for more than 3 months, you HAVE to go to the closest Immigration Office and give notice within the first 3 months you live here. Doesn’t matter if you want to apply for the ARC or not. There can be legal actions if you don’t do that.

#3 How to get an appointment at the Immigration Office?

You need to book an appointment online at . I booked my appointment after a month when I already was in Korea and had to wait 2 weeks for it. So make sure to book it as soon as possible when you come here, because they’re booked for a few weeks in advance. I went to the Southern Immigration Office nearby Magok Station (it takes around 30 minutes by subway from Mapo-gu).

#4 What do you need for your Alien Registration Card?

If you want to apply for your ARC, these are the things you need to bring:

  • A printed copy of your visa
  • A filled out form (printed) of your current accommodation and your resident host has to sign it (e.g. your air bnb host, landlord, guesthouse host) – you can get this form online or directly at the Immigration Office
  • A passport photo (you can bring one from home or even take a new one directly at the Immigration Office – they have photo booths)
  • You need to pay 30.000 Won in cash at a counter inside, keep the receipt and show the receipt when you have your appointment. So make sure to pay the fee BEFORE having the appointment
  • A filled out form (printed) with your photo glued on and all info about your person (they have these blank forms also printed out at the Immigration Office – you can go early and fill it out before your appointment)

H1 Visa:

If you’re in Korea with a Working Holiday Visa you have to bring a printed travel plan as well: I wrote down some cities and areas I want to visit during my stay here – that was basically enough. If you don’t have a printed version, they will give you a form that you have to fill out.

#5 Be on time!

When you got your appointment, make sure to be on time! It’s only a 10 minute slot per person and if you don’t arrive at the time for which you booked the appointment, it will expire. If you don’t show up for 2 or 3 times, you’ll get banned from being able to book an appointment online.

Come to the Immigration Office, bring all your papers printed out, wait for your number to be called and go to the booth. Then you can give the employee all your papers. The person will check everything and give you a form that says which date you’re able to pick up your ARC.

#6 Picking up your Alien Registration Card

I had to wait over a month for my ARC to be made before I was able to pick it up. You can either get it send per postal service to your address (costs more) or you can pick it up at the Immigration Office.

You don’t need an appointment for that, just go there on the date which your paper says, get a number at the waiting counter and pick up your ARC! 🙂

Tipp: If you’re moving during your stay in Korea, you have to let the Immigration Office know about your current residential address within 2 weeks!


I hope that was helpful for some of you guys! Do you consider living in Korea for a longer time period? Let me know in the comments!






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