Shopping in Seoul: Hongdae, Ewha University & Myeongdong

Hi guys!

This time I’m back with a guide if you’re interested in some nice shopping places in Seoul. I’ll share some of my personal favorites here including different districts.


#1 Hongdae – Fashion Paradise

Hongdae is a well known area around Hongik University, especially amongst youngsters and students. You can find all kind of aesthetic cafes, cute shops, restaurants, bars and of course a lot of shopping possibilities here.

Clothes & Accessories

If you’re looking for clothes and accessories, Hongdae is the place to be! You can find various little street shops with modern street fashion or cute clothing items for an actually very cheap price! A dress is mostly around 10-15 EUR, a t-shirt 5-10 EUR. But beware: most of the time you can’t try on clothes in the shops; sometimes pants or skirts are allowed to try on, but not tops or dresses. All the clothing is free size, so one size is supposed to fit all. In my case (I’m about a 40-42 EU size), most of the cute dresses and pants won’t fit. If you find a clothing item, that you’d like to purchase, you bring it to the cashier desk and they’ll bring you a new one out of their stock (the clothes hanging in stores are often just ‘models’).

If you’re looking for accessories, you’ll be finding cheap and nice ones in Hongdae as well! There are many no-name stores (same with the fashion), where you can buy earrings, rings and necklaces.


  • EUN Store

One true fashion gem in Hongdae is the store “EUN”. It’s located in a side street (nearby Lush) and offers the latest street fashion, inspired by K-pop idols. It’s the same concept: you’re not allowed to try on clothes so you basically have to buy them without doing it. Because the store is well known, the prices are a bit higher as well.


#2 Myeongdong – K-Beauty, K-pop merchandise & western brands / fashion chain stores

If you’re looking for K-beauty, K-pop merchandise and you’re more interested in fashion stores like H&M, Zara, Spao or Mixxo, check out the district Myeongdong. It’s THE shopping district in Seoul and has every brand you can think of.


Because Myeongdong is such a famous shopping district almost every K-Beauty brand has a branch here. The same brand has got multiple stores a lot of the time with different offers, so check out the different stores to get the best deal (discounts, 1+1 offers etc.!). If you’re a bargain hunter like me, always look out for 1+1 or 10+10: means – you buy 1 product and get the same product on top for free. 10+10 is a great deal when it comes to sheet masks, because they’re quite cheap here anyway! 10+10 in that case means: getting 20 sheetmasks and only pay 10.000 Won (which is around 8-10 EUR).

K-Pop Merchandise

If you’re a true K-pop Stan, I can highly recommend to check out the Myeongdong Underground Shopping area of the subway station – you can find various little K-pop merchandise stores here selling postcards, calendars and CDs for a cheap price!

Western Brands & Fashion Chain Stores

Korean streetfashion is cute, but sometimes your body is just not made for the free size / asian sizes here. If you want to check out fashion stores like Zara, H&M or Uniqulo, you can find a big branch of them here as well.

  • SPAO & Mixxo

Another tipp is to check out the Korean chain stores SPAO and Mixxo. They are more pricey than the no-name street fashion stores, but at least they offer different sizes (XS-L). On top: you can try the clothes on just as in a usual store.

Also: SPAO has a unisex section, where you can find cute temporary collaboration clothes, e.g. with Stranger Things theme, Pokemon or BT21!


#3 Ewha University – clothes & great deals!

Another very good shopping area is the district around Ewha Women University. It’s an only-women university and because there are a lot of students living in this area, the shops are targeted towards the female audience.

So that means: a lot of K-Beauty, Clothing Stores and discounts, discounts, discounts!

There aren’t many bigger stores, but the street fashion shops are very cheap and have trendy items!

If you want to get K-Beauty or makeup for a good price, you should definitely check out this area – they offer 1+1 deals almost everywhere!


I hope this little insight was helpful for you guys! Which are would you like to visit for a shopping stroll? Let me know in the comments!







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