How To Get Portable Wifi in Korea

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Hi guys!

As you know – I love to travel! And what is one thing you need while traveling? Right, internet!

When I came to Korea, I already knew that I want to get some sort of internet for my phone – just hoping for free wifi when being outside wasn’t enough for me. I also didn’t want to get a SIM card, so there was one option left: portable wifi or also called a ‘wifi egg’.

These devices are quite common in Korea and very practical! It works like a hotspot, so you basically take your own little wifi router with you all the time. You can also connect more than just one device to your pocket wifi – so it’s also great if you want to share it with a friend!

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After doing some research, I quickly found the website “KoreaTravelEasy” (visit KoreaTravelEasy) – they offer different services for tourists and also portable wifi (BOOK HERE). It costs 2,70$ per day and the wifi works nationwide.gaestebuch-linie1) how to book your portable wifi

I decided to go for the Pocket Wifi Egg, which you can rent daily. Create an account on the KoreaTravelEasy website. You can also log in with your Facebook account. After you successfully logged in, you can choose your pickup and return date.


Next you can choose your pickup and return location! One thing, that is really great about KoreaTravelEasy is, that they have many locations where you can pick up and return your device – so it’s a very flexible service. They even have locations in Busan and Jeju, so it’s not only Seoul based.

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   Which payment methods are available?

KoreaTravelEasy offers different payment methods – including credit card, AliPay, Paypal or Banktransfer.

Tipp: You have to book your rental pocket wifi 2 (working) days before picking it up!

gaestebuch-linie2) pick up your device

When you arrive in Korea you can pick up your device at your chosen location. They also have two branches directly in the city (Hongdae and Myeongdong), so you don’t necessarily have to pick it up at the airport. Furthermore their employees speak English – so no need to worry about language difficulties.


All Pick up & Return locations:

  • Incheon Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2*
  • Busan Gimhae Airport
  • Gimpo Airport
  • Euljiro-1ga Station (Nearby Myeongdong)*
  • Hongik University Station*
  • Jeju International Airport

*Due to Coronavirus, Pickup is currently (until 31st of April 2020 – date can be extended) only possible at Incheon Airport and City Branches (Euljiro-1ga Station & Hongik University Station)

Euljiro-1ga Station – Branch:

Hongik University Station – Branch:

gaestebuch-linie3) Enjoy your portable wifi / my experience

Now you can enjoy your portable wifi until you have to return it!

Tipp: When you pick up your device at the airport, you’ll get a power bank for your wifi egg as well! So you don’t have to worry about running out of battery. I recommend to load your device every time when you’re home. The battery of the pocket wifi lasts a day minimum!

My experience:

I booked the wifi egg before I came to Korea, but my flight got changed and I arrived one day earlier than expected. I reached out to the customer support of KoreaTravelEasy and they immediately responded via email and arranged a new pick up date for me. I’m very happy with their service and I can highly recommend them! The internet connection is fast and I never had any issues.gaestebuch-linie

Visit KoreaTravelEasy here

BOOK HERE (Wifi Egg Product – 2,70$ per day)


Have you ever booked a portable wifi? Is this an option for your next travel? Let me know in the comments








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