How To Order On Yesstyle

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Hi guys!

Since I’m a huge fan of K-Beauty and Online Shopping, I want to present you one of my favorite websites called Yesstyle, where I buy my cosmetics, makeup and also clothing items. It’s super convenient to shop there if you don’t have the possibility to get beauty products from Asia nearby where you live.

I’ve also got a discount code for you guys, so keep reading if you’re interested!

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Yesstyle is available in different languages – german and english are one of them! This makes it even easier to navigate the website.

There are a lot of different categories – from beauty to clothing and also home & lifestyle products. They also have got various discounts or temporary discounts going on – so feel free to check this out as well!

I mostly buy makeup and beauty items here, because Yesstyle has got almost every asian brand, that you can think of. The prices are the same as in Korea for example! Their ‘highlights’ sections make it super easy to filter K-Beauty, J-Beauty or even products from Taiwan or the US.

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Yesstyle will automatically suggest top-bestseller items from the chosen category. You can also filter by brand or product! I also published a blog post on my absolute top picks from this site, you can find the blogpost here.

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When you click on an item, you can see the current price, the customer rating and also shipping notes.

#my tipp 1 – check the rating!

Always check the customer ratings / reviews! It’s super helpful if you want to buy an item that you haven’t tried before. Especially with clothes – a lot of customers will also provide photos or tell you how the quality of the item is.

If there aren’t any reviews, that means that the product is quite new and hasn’t been that long in the shop yet.

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#my tipp 2 – check the availability / shipping notes

Sometimes not all products are in stock – you can see the current status of the availability when you choose the item. If it’s currently not available, it will show how many days it takes before it would ship out! Sometimes it can go up to 14 days, so better check that if you don’t want to wait any longer on your order.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-07 um 10.55.11

Also it can possibly happen, that not everything can be shipped to your country! I’ve made that experience when I wanted to order something from the VT BT21 collection, but it wasn’t possible to ship to Germany unfortunately.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-07 um 12.23.34

#my tipp 3 – check the sizes for clothes!

I highly recommend to always check the size – especially if you’re looking for cute clothes! When you click on a product, you can find the exact measurements under ‘details’. Sometimes they provide different sizes, but a lot of times it’s one size. If the clothing item is designed as ‘oversized’, it can easily fit an European 40/42, too.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-07 um 12.02.43Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-07 um 12.03.59


When you got everything in your shopping cart, it’s time to checkout! Yesstyle provides free international shipping with any order over 35€, so I’d always order more but save on that shipping. Plus: the more you shop at once, the more free goodies you’ll receive!

Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-07 um 10.23.01

You can also choose ‘Express shipping’, but it costs extra and just saves you a few days compared to general shipping, so I’d skip on that unless you want your order faster. Because they ship from China, it can take a week or sometimes even up to one month for your items to arrive! But they always provide a tracking code, so that’s convenient.

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#my tipp 4 – check the website for discount codes!

Yesstyle provides various discount codes. You can find them directly on their side or on their instagram! It’s possible to combine codes with influencer/reward codes (e.g. OUTOFMANA), which gives you even more discount on your order.

I’d also recommend to register with an account, in order to use discount codes and see your orders. You can sign in with an email address or your facebook account.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-07 um 12.19.55Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-07 um 12.19.30

Which payment methods are available?

You can pay via PayPal or credit card! Sometimes they provide more payment methods, depending where you live.

What about custom fees?

My orders never have been stuck in customs. BUT i’ve read that, if they do, you can contact the Yesstyle customer support and they will pay your fees back!

Want to get a discount?

You can always get a discount with my reward/influencer code:

OUTOFMANA on any order without minimum value.


Happy shopping and have a nice day!




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