Jowae – Micellar Cleansing Water & Soothing Cleansing Milk

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Hi guys – this time I’m back with a review of two new products that reached me in PR! I heard about the Korean Brand Jowae before and so I was more than thrilled that I could test them out and tell you all about it 🙂

You can get Jowae products online at Shop Apotheke – they also kindly provided me these products in order to test out.


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Let’s start with the first product – the Soothing Cleansing Milk. It’s enriched with antioxidant Lumiphenols and imperial peony – which gives it an amazing light fragrance! Furthermore it’s good for people with a normal to dry skin type or even sensitive skin – which is great for me because my skin tends to dryness, especially in autumn and winter!

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The texture is quite thick but when you spread it over your face, you can immediately feel how hydrating and calming this product is! I used a cleansing oil first before this step, because I try double cleansing at the moment – so most of my makeup was already gone when I put on the soothing cleansing milk.

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I could clearly feel how clean and hydrated my skin was, directly after using the product! It also added a nice glow to my skin – and we all love a nice hydrated glow, right?

I would recommend this product in combination with another cleansing product as the second step of a cleansing routine though – for example you can use a cleansing oil or makeup wipes before it. In my opinion the soothing milk wouldn’t get rid of all the makeup by itself.


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The second product that I tested is the Micellar Cleansing Water – which is also enriched with antioxidant Lumiphenols and imperial peony. The fragrance is very light and pleasant.

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I put an amount of it on a cotton pad and gently pad it on my face. You can feel – and see – that the micellar cleansing water gets rid of the remaining dirt. Your skin looks glowy and feels refreshed at the same time! It’s a great facial toner, that I’ll definitely use in my daily routine from now on!

Tipp: Alternatively you can use it in order to get rid of your eye makeup by putting the soaked cotton pad on your eyes and gently rub it off!



Jowae –  Micellar Cleansing Water – 15,90€ / 400ml

Jowae – Soothing Cleansing Milk – 12,90€ / 200ml

Have you ever heard of Jowae before? Have you tried their products? Let me know in the comments!


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