Current Empties August 2019

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Hi guys 🙂

Thought it would be quite fun for you to see my current empties! So here we go! Most of them are skincare and makeup products, that I used up in the last few weeks / months. A lot are actually holy grails, which i buy repurchase often!

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Let’s start with some good old skincare. Over the last few months I fully used up the “Beauty Water” Facial Toner by Son&Park, the F06 Facial Serum & F07 Face Cream by Oliveda and the Lip Sleeping Mask by Laneige. All of these products are great and most of them were re-buys anyway!

Maybe some of you, maybe some of you don’t – but I’m working full-time at a natural cosmetics company called Oliveda. Their products replace the 70% water base that most of cosmetic products have, with the elixir of olive tree leaves. This elixir contains a huge amount of anti-oxidants, which are the perfect anti-aging ingredients.

I can highly recommend the F06 Serum – since I’m working there I’m not using any other serum. It leaves your skin smooth and gives you a glow that comes from within and shines to the outside! It’s the perfect combination with the F07 Face Cream, that leaves your skin plump and even.

The products are quite high priced, but at the moment they have a birthday special, where you can get -30% off the entire product range with my code MANABDAY30 until the 02/09/2019.


Next products are the Facial Toner “Beauty Water” by Son&Park and the Lip Sleeping Mask by Laneige. Both products are absolute holy grails of me and I re-bought them a few times by now. Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

The “Beauty Water” is such a nice and mild face toner – it leaves your skin hydrated and plump. The scent of lavender, rose, apple, tea tree and mint is also exactly my kind of taste. I can really recommend it, I re-bought it three times now – and for a cosmetic junkie like me, that means a lot.

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And another holy grail of mine: The Lip Sleeping Mask by Laneige. My absolute Go-To Lip Mask forever and ever! It comes in 5 “flavors” and I currently used up “Berry”. I put it on every night before going to bed and leave it on all night – the next morning your lips are plump and perfectly moisturized. (I love this product so much that I’m currently trying the Mint-Chocolate flavor – yummy!).


The last skincare product is the Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence with a SPF of 50+++. Let’s shorten things up: I love it, I rebuy it all the time and it’s – at least for me – the perfect sunscreen. It immediately soaks into the skin (I use it on my body and face) and it doesn’t leave your skin sticky like the most sunscreens that I know. A huge recommendation!

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Let’s continue with makeup products! This time I emptied two setting sprays – one by Urban Decay and one by Pixi – as well as Missha Cushion.

I used the Pixi Glow Mist Setting Spray so much, that the logo is scratched off, oops! But nonetheless it worked quite good with my skin. But: if you don’t like your skin glowy and prefer a matte makeup look, I wouldn’t recommend it. Because you really glow by using this setting spray. Sometimes it looked even more shiny and oily after a couple of hours. In the combination with a matte foundation it works okay though.

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A setting spray that I really love is the Urban Decay “All Nighter”. I can’t even count how many times I rebought that product, haha. It leaves your skin matte and your makeup lasts longer.


I bought the “Glow”-Cushion by Missha during my last trip to Seoul a few months ago and I really loved using it! Especially in the summer, when I like to have a lighter foundation base, I prefer cushions to “normal” makeup foundations. Back home, I was quite sad because I thought I couldn’t buy the cushion here, but I found it online as well! Yay!

Even though it’s a cushion, it has a very good coverage level but without feeling sticky or heavy on your skin – perfect!



All of these products were great and I can really recommend them – the only one that didn’t really convinced me was the Pixi Glow Mist Setting Spray – just because I don’t like my face that glowy (sometimes it looked more shiny and oily after a few hours instead of a subtle glow).


Oliveda F06 Face Serum – 49,95€ / 30ml (get -30% off with MANABDAY30 until the 02/09/2019)*

Oliveda F07 Face Cream – 39,50€ / 50ml (get -30% off with MANABDAY30 until the 02/09/2019)*

Son&Park “Beauty Water” Face Toner – 23,30€ / 340ml (save some €€€ with OUTOFMANA on Yesstyle)*

Laneige “Lip Sleeping Mask” – / 11,25€ / 20g (save some €€€ with OUTOFMANA on Yesstyle)*

Biore UV Watery Essence – 9€ / 50g  (save some €€€ with OUTOFMANA on Yesstyle)*

Pixi Glow Mist Setting Spray – 21€ / 80ml *

Urban Decay Setting Spray – 28,99€ / 118 ml*

Missha “Glow” Cushion – 17,80€ (save some €€€ with OUTOFMANA on Yesstyle)*


What are your current empties? Let me know in the comments







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