What To Do In: Harajuku


Guys, it’s been a while. I always wanted to prepare blog posts about my favorite things to do in Tokyo – so here we finally go! Hope you enjoy it and it helps if you’re planning a trip to the city that owns my heart.

This blog post is about the area of Harajuku – the fashion Mecca.

If you’re all about cute fashion and the kawaii lifestyle, make sure to visit Harajuku! It’s the mainspot for the latest trends and I’d say also where new fashion trends are basically born. Not going to lie, every time I’ve been to Harajuku, the fashion that was up to date there was trendy half a year later in Germany. So, if you’re a fashionista and want to be ahead of time, I really recommend coming here.

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Entrance of Takeshita Dori

You can easily go there by taking the subway or train – the Harajuku main station is on the direct opposite to the main entrance to Takeshita Dori – the street where basically all stores are located.

Tipp #1 Go shopping and wander around!

When in Harajuku, go shopping. You won’t find as cool clothes located in one spot like here! Besides the stores that are open all year round, there are also flagship stores or cafes that only stay for a limited time. So better check that before going there!

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You can find chains like Wego, Bodyline (Lolita Style), Liz Lisa or Style Nanda here, but also small stores with a bunch of extraordinary clothes and styles! Even if you’re not as petite you can also find suitable fashion here. Just buying shoes can get quite hard if you have a shoe size bigger than EU38.

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Harajuku Streetstlye

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Expect the nicest aesthetics, kawaii fashion and cool street style items. You can really find everything here! Just wander around and also visit the side streets that are next to Takeshita Dori – you’ll find smaller brands or designers there as well.


Tipp #2 – Get a crepes!

Sounds random, but trust me – there won’t be as nice crepes as in Harajuku! I also had a japanese friend who told me, that she’d always come here as teenager after school just to get one. So if even a local says something like that, you know that it’s good.

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The famous crepes in Harajuku

There are a lot of different stands with sweet or hearty variations of it. You can see them displayed and get easily what your heart desires.

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Tipp #3 – Check out Style Nanda!

As one of the most famous korean fashion & makeup brands, Style Nanda is also located with a flagship store in Harajuku. It’s one of the most photogenic stores that I know and perfect for that Instagram Aesthetic.

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Style Nanda Flagship Store


Tipp #4 – Get a 3D Latte!

Not going to lie – that was one of my highlights in Harajuku (because I’m a foodie & caffeine junkie!). The cafe is called Reissue and is located nearby Takeshita Dori. You can get a super kawaii looking coffee, where they work with the milk foam to create that cute design! They have a menu where you can choose your latte art e.g. Totoro, Pokemon or cute animals.

Adress of Reissue Cafe: Tanji Bldg 2F, 3-25-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku , Tokyo

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3D Latte Art at Cafe Reissue
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3D Latte Art at Cafe Reissue


Tipp #5 – Check out your surroundings for a cool photo spot!

To all my Instagram junkies: Harajuku got you! There are so many cool spots where you can take that #ootd or a cool aesthetically pleasing picture. Just keep an eye out for graffiti, street art or even cool looking stairs. Harajuku or Tokyo in general can be quite overwhelming, so take it slow and take a look around your nearby surroundings – you maybe find the perfect spot.

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Have you ever been to Harajuku? What do you want to do there? Let me know in the comments


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