Welcome to Tulipop World


Hi guys! Haven’t published a blogpost here for a while now, but guess what, we’re back in action! And this time i want to introduce you to one of the cutest shops ever – Tulipop.

Tulipop is an Icelandic character based lifestyle brand founded in 2010 by illustrator Signy Kolbeinsdottir and marketing mind Helga Arnadottir. Their characters and designs are inspired by the nature of Iceland. The inhabitants of the Tulipop World are playful, quirky and – if you ask me – just super adorable.

Magnet Set


Each character has its own personality and background story. This makes it even more special and unique in my opinion! Also their designs are made with so much effort and attention to detail. The shop was so kind and sent me some of their products to acutally test out and show you. So let’s see, what Tulipop has to offer!

One of the characters is called Gloomy – she’s a brave, strong and fun-loving mushroom-girl, who loves to tell ghost stories, catch fireflies and write secrets in her diary. Gloomy loves to explore and is interested in everything that happens after dark. With her cute-gothic inspired look, she became one of my favorite characters for sure!

Toiletry Bag + Pocket Mirror

This Toiletry Bag and Pocket Mirror directly caught my attention. As a true makeup-lover i can totally see me taking this with me on a trip and putting all of my precious beauty stuff in there. The creepy-cute Gloomy design is a true eyecatcher. The Miss Maddy version is also super adorable!

Speaking of Miss Maddy – she’s one of my favorite characters as well. Miss Maddy is an elegant and soft-spoken bear, who loves the colour pink (can relate!). She can also be some kind of a diva, but that’s what makes she even more sympathic to me, haha.

Another one of my favorite products is the travel set with the Miss Maddy design! The set consists of a passport holder and a luggage tag. Definitely going to take it with me on my next trip or vacation. It’s practical and cute, which is just my taste.


Besides the cute design, it’s also a high quality! My passport is definitately goint to be save and sturdy for long flights in this holder. The Miss Maddy print on the front is a true eyecatcher and the green velvety-material inside is feeling very high-class.

Sidenote: can’t wait to look all cute at the airport, haha.

Last but not least, i want to introduce you to the character Bubble. He’s an adorable mushroom-boy and daydreamer, who loves to takes naps (can relate, again!), gardening and eating blueberry pancakes.



With his big, wide eyes, he’s just looking super innocent and adorable. This big lamp is a super cute decorative element – what a highlight on your side table!

The pictures show it turned on and off. The light of the lamp is very warm and soft. It lightens up the room and makes it so cozy! Another plus point – the design is a real eye-catcher as well.

I can highly recommend the Tulipop Wolrd and their inhabitants. The designs are so cute and made with so much love! You can clearly see, how much work and effort is put into each product and character.

If you’re looking for a special design, products with a background story or unique gifts, the Tulipop webshop is the place to check out!

All items mentioned in this post are listed down below.

Miss Maddy Notebook – 14,21$

Gloomy Notebook – 14,21$

Magnet Set – 20,93$

Gloomy Toiletry Bag – 22,50$

Gloomy Pocket Mirror – 7,50$

Miss Maddy Toiletry Bag – 22,50$

Miss Maddy Pocket Mirror – 7,50$

Miss Maddy Travel Set – 28,50$

Bubble Lamp – 95,42$

Buttons – 9,60$

Have you ever heard of Tulipop? Let me know in the comments.


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