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Hi guys! Normally my blog and reviews are all about (facial) skincare, but lately a thought came to my mind: why not showing you my favourite products for footcare? If we’re honest, it’s basically the same important as your other skincare routines, right? So let’s go! (And no, no feet pics incoming. You’re save).

Foot Peeling Masks

These kind of masks are very popular in asia and maybe you’ve seen it before in a oddly satisfying peel-off-video (omg that sounds so wrong). But! They’re being loved for a good reason.

After washing and drying your feet, you cut the top of the masks’ pouch and wear it on your feet (like socks, if this makes any sense). Just keep them on for 60-90 minutes and try not to walk a lot, because it can get quite slippery with the plastic pouch on your feet. Just chill in front of netflix or youtube while waiting, at least that’s what i’m normally doing.

After that you take them off and rinse your feet with clear water. And don’t get disappointed because nothing is happening right after – the magic happens a few days later. After 4-6 days your old skin is going to peel off and a fresh and super smooth skin is going to appear underneath! I’d also recommend to wear socks (even at night) during this process because your feet are not going to look good… at all. The end-result is worth it though! I would recommend only doing this every 2 months.


Infused Skincare Socks – Foot Masks

If you want to give your feet a little treatment in between, i can recommend an infused skincare sock. You could say it’s almost like a sheetmask for your feet. Put the socks on your clean and dry feet, wait for 20 mintues and let the moisture all soak in.

Again, try to avoid to walk around having this kind of mask on, because it can quite slippery! In comparism with the peeling mask, you don’t need to rinse of your feet with water afterwards. It also has a different goal: the peeling mask is literally there to help you peeling off that old skin and an infused skincare sock mask is just for pure moisture and a treatment in beetween.


Corneal Remover

Yes, you heard that right – a corneal removement is quite important from time to time as well. I like to use an electronical device for that, because i’m lazy and think this is more practical. Most of the time i only use it around my heel and a few times a month.

I also wouldn’t combine that with a peeling mask combined – just use one or another. I guess it wouldn’t be good for your feet to get too much skin removement.



If your feet don’t feel as smooth as they used to be, you can do a soft peeling of course as well. I like to use it when i’m showering anyway, so a good multitasking treatment it is!

The product i’m currently using is infused with bamboo and jojoba, which is also very moisturizing. You can use it for your legs as well. Just massage it on your skin and rinse it off with warm water. Easy as that. Plus: it smells a-ma-zing.


Care Foam

After showering, most of the time – i gotta be honest –  i’m too lazy to reach for a feet creme. I discovered a product that is really helping here then!

The Care Foam is a fluffy floam, which is soaking in almost immediatly after putting it on. Super fast and without that typical heavy moisture-almost greasy feeling with other products i had before. It also doesn’t have specific smell, which i like. Fast and easy to use? Definitaly a win-win situation.


Feet Creme

Yes, i’m quite lazy when it comes to feet skincare, but we have to admit, especially in winter your feet need that extra attention! With the cold temperatures outside and the dry air inside, your skin deserves a special treatment.

When that’s the case i like to use a thicker creme. The Soft Feet Creme for example is infused with milk and honey and has a super nutrient texture. Perfect for cold evenings and if you have bit more time for your skincare routine.

All products mentioned:

Esfolio – Foot & Heel Peeling Mask – about 5 €*

Corneal Remover Device – about 30 €*

Gehwol Soft Feet Peeling – 11,70 € / 125 ml or 29,35 € / 500 ml*

Gehwol Express Pflege Schaum (Care Foam) – 12,99 €*

Gehwol Soft Feet Creme – 14,10 €*

*Affiliate Links

Do you care about your feet the same way you do about facial skincare? Do you have any other recommendations? Let me know in the comments


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