What To Do In: Shin Okubo – Koreatown in Tokyo

Hi guys! Long time no see ~

I was quite busy the last few weeks, mainly with work, instagram and my university stuff. Also i travelled to Japan again with a good friend for two weeks in August and we had a blast! Because i received a lot of questions about my travel to Japan, i want to share some tipps and tricks with you on my blog.

Koreatown – Shin Okubo

This blogpost is going to be about Shin Okubo (Koreatown) in Tokyo! K-Beauty Addicts and K-Pop lovers get prepared, cause this is basically heaven on earth and might cause you a heart attack.


On our first day we visited Shin Okubo, which is an area with a lot of korean shops, restaurants and bars. It was my first time going there and it was amazing! Since i visited Seoul last year as well, i couldn’t wait to see all the K-Goodies at one place in Japan again.

The mainstreet is basically paradise – sheetmasks, K-Pop merchandise and a lot of korean brands are based there! Of course i couldn’t resist and had to stack up on some goodies as well!

Especially the K-Pop Merchandise stores were eyecatching – i haven’t even witnessed something like this even in Southkorea itself. Music from BTS & Co. blasting around the store, schoolgirls buying merch and giggling about their Bias and the vibe all in all – truly amazing! If you want to buy K-Pop Merch for a cheap price, you’re right here. You can get basically everything from stickers, posters to t-shirts and light sticks.

Also i really loved the variety of K-Beauty shops here. You couldn’t find that many in Japan all around in general – except here. Tonymoly, Etude House, Laneige, Moonshot, Nature Republic are just a few brands that i can remember. Of course the prices aren’t as cheap as in Korea, but if you’re in Japan and you don’t have the chance to go to Korea, you should buy products here! They also had a lot of K-Pop Collabs, e.g. BTS x Mediheal Sheetmasks or Blackpink x Moonshot Liquid Lipsticks. Guess what i got there. Yeah, everything. I’m a simple girl. I see BTS, i see Blackpink, i buy.

You can also find a lot of goodies from Kakaotalk for a cheap price here as well – for example phonecases for 10 Dollars! Normally stuff from the Kakaotalk merch is quite expensive, even in Korea, but here the price was okay-ish. But, let’s be honest, if you want to buy it cause you can’t handle the kawaiiness, you do it anyway, haha.

After shopping we got hungry and got a meal made for princesses like us – chicken dakgalbi. It basically consists of chicken wings, melted cheese, vegetables and Tteokbokki (can be a little bit spicy). You eat it with your fingers and just enjoy this greasy dish in all its glory.

Have you ever been to Shin Okubo? Are you a K-Pop and K-Beauty Addict as well?

Let me know in the comments


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