Korean Skincare Morning Routine – Summer 2018

Contains PR Samples

Hi guys! Summer has arrived in germany and with summer i mean a heatwave, that is almost too much to handle. I decided to share my current korean skincare morning routine, that helps me staying hydrated and looking glowy all day!


Usually the korean skincare routine reaches up until 10 steps, but in summer i reduce it to 6-7 steps, adding a product or leaving one, depending on my skins condition that day. Nevertheless, i always start with a cleanser, in this case the Cosmetea “Moisture Care Tea Cleanser” with black tea and omijia. It has a hydrating formula, which my dry skin really needs – and yes, also in summer your skin needs that moisture!

Then i apply a toner all over my face – i’m really loving the Son & Park “Beauty Water” at the moment, which is infused with “skin-loving ingredients to boost skin’s moisture immediatly.” You can also see, that it’s almost empty, so that’s always a sign that a product works out for me.

After that i gently apply the Innisfree “The Green Tea Seed Serum”, which is enriched with fresh green tea seeds and green tea, which delivers moisture deep into your skin. And yes, i’m a green tea addict – pay attention to the next products coming, haha.

When i have the time and my skin needs an extra treatment, i decide for a sheetmask depending on my skin’s needs. The brand Ariul has a great range of different types of sheetmask – e.g. Aloe Vera comes in handy after a sunbath or the heat in general. But as a super fair skintype, i always tend to avoid sunbathing anyway.

As a face cream i love using the A;T Fox “Tea Toc Water Cream”. It has a super light and an oil-free gel type formula. The skin absorbs the product really fast and locks the moisture in. I haven’t heard of this brand before getting it in PR to be honest, but i must say that i’m really positively suprised and it became a favorite of my routine quickly!

Then i use the It’s Skin “GF Eye Cream”, which also has a more gel-like consistency and works great at my undereye are, which also often tends to get a little bit dry. I haven’t really tried any other eye cream though until now, so if you have a nice product that you could recommend, let me know in the comments!

After all of these steps, i finish my routine with a sunblocker. I love using the products from the Biore product range here, because they are super light and have a high SPF. And believe me, when i say that i need that 50+++, i’m never getting a nice tan like other people, i just tend to have a huge sunburn, haha. I can totally recommend the Aqua Rich Water Gel cause its a super light formula!

Hope you enjoyed my current skincare routine!  All of the products are listed down below:

Cosmetea “Moisture Care Tea Cleanser” Black Tea and Omijia – 18 € / 65g

Son & Park “Beauty Water” – 35,99 € / 340 ml*

Innisfree “The Green Tea Seed Serum” – 22,30 € / 80 ml*

Ariul “7 days Mask Aloe Vera” – 2,46 € / 20g

A;T Fox “Tea TOC Water Cream” – 19,36 € / 100 ml

It’s Skin “Power Formula GF Eye Cream” – 10€ / 30 ml

Biore UV “Aqua Rich Watery Gel 50+++” – 9,95 € / 90 ml*


*Affiliate Links

Which products do you currently use and love? Do you have any tricks for this insane heatwave? Let me know in the comments

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