Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Blood Sugar Palette

Hi guys! Back in action, we’re going to take a look at the oh-so-hyped Blood Sugar Palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. A while ago the online shop Beautybay had a sidewide sale with 15 % off, so my consument heart had to grab some new makeup and stuff that was on my wishlist for quite a while.

When i wanted to check out with my shopping cart, the Blood Sugar Palette came back in stock – a sign from above if you ask me.  So i was lucky enough and finally got it!


Let’s take a look at the packaging first – the palette comes in a white cardboard packaging which reminds me of a VHS casette from back in the day. The design of the palette itself with red (vegan) leather looks very high end and… dude, this product is heavy as well! It’s very big and sturdy, which makes it a “stay-at-home” product for me, nothing you can travel with basically. The palette also comes with a mirror inside.

The palette contains 18 shades of mattes, metallics and shimmer colors. Of course the bright pink and red literally sold me on this baby – i’m such a victim to warm shades to be fully honest here. All of the pans have a little print on the colors; normally it’s the Jeffree Star Logo (Star), but this time it’s a syringe on ‘Prick’ and a pharmacist rod on ‘Coma’ as well.

The shades swatch quite good, the metallics easier than the mattes though. But that’s something i’ve noticed on other brands as well! Nevertheless, they perform very good on the eyes though – it all blends together easily and the shades are true to color. The reddish colors can stain your skin a tiny bit, but i don’t think this is tragic.

Of course i had to do a red smokey eye – i mainly used ‘Prick’, ‘Cherry Soda’, ‘Cavity’ and ‘Root Canal’. I also put some glitter by Bleachlondon on top to give it a little sparkle.



All in all i guess this palette is or was sold out for a good reason; for me it’s one of the most exciting palettes of this year already! The packaging and design is more like a piece of art and i think that every makeup enthusiast needs a piece like this in his/her collection.

The price is quite high with 51,50 € (Beautybay), but in my eyes totally worth the coin.

And please remember that it’s all vegan and cruelty free!

Do you own the Blood Sugar Palette? Are you hyped like me? Let me know in the comments

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