Troiareuke – Troipeel H+ Healing Cushion

PR Sample

By now summer has also landed in germany and with that: degrees over 25° C. Because of that i wanted to exchange my foundation in my everyday makeup routine with a cushion. Cause who wants a thick and cakey foundation when it’s hot af outside? Yes, no one.

I have to admit that i wasn’t the cushion kinda-makeup type because i always had some problem areas on my skin, which a cushion wasn’t able to cover. But now my skin has finally cleared up and i’m ready to give it a second try – hooray!

And here it is: the Troipeel H+ Healing Cushion by the korean brand Troiareuke. The cushion contains 13 g of product; it comes with 2 pads and a mirror inside the case as well. I chose the shade C21, which is the lightest one (matches MAC NC15-20).

To make things easier, let’s quote the product description on the shop-website (Glowrious) “99% skin care, 1% make-up. Because make-up is not about covering – it’s about healing. With it’s Water Wrapping System, this BB Cream forms a moisture layer on the skin surface to prevent the transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and balances the moisture level from inside out while letting your skin breathe due to it’s ultra-lightweight texture.”


And yes indeed, i also noticed the light texture of the cushion-foundation! The shade is a little bit (!) dark on me, but i’m very fair, so that’s a problem i always encounter. I managed to make the cushion work out with some (light) baking powder on top though. And if i get a little bit more tanned this summer, the shade would make a perfect match.

The swatch looks quite harsh, but if you pat it on like you suppose to do, it blends in with your skin. You can look a little bit shiny first, but you can put a light powder over it, it’s not a big deal. Another aspect that i really like is that the cushion has SPF 50+ in it – always remember your precious sunscreening, kids!


For my look, i didn’t use a primer or setting spray, in order to test the cushion-foundation in its full glory – i baked with a little bit of powder though because the cushion-foundation looks quite shiny without. Also remember: a little goes a long way; you just need a tiny bit of product to cover your whole face with!

I also noticed that is has a great coverage regarding its light formula. My skin looked very hydrated and sometimes even a bit shiny, but if you use a blotting paper from time to time, it’s all good. I think it’s a very good product if you have normal or dry skin, but if you have oily skin, you maybe don’t want that extra shinyness on your face.

You can get the Troiareuke – Troipeel H+ Healing Cushion (for example) at Glowrious for 34,55 € / 13 g.

Do you use cushion foundations? Have you ever tried Troiareuke? Let me know in the comments




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