J.One – Jelly Pack

                                                                                                                                                                       PR Sample

Hi guys! I’m back with another product review – this time we will take a closer look at the J.One Jelly Pack, which is secretly hyped to be one of the best primers currently out there. The brand J.One is created by Korean actress and influencer Ha Ji-Won and is especially known for its Jelly Pack. Also Beauty Guru Nikkitutorials and even the Vogue raved about this product, what made me even more curious!

The product comes in a simple but chic black cardboard packaging, the bottle itself is made out of plastic. It feels heavy and pricy though! The bottle has a pump dispenser, which is very practical.

The product itself is clear and doesn’t have a smell or scent. I instantly thought that the product feels very hydrating and sticky on the skin. I’d say it almost has a cooling effect!

You can clearly say: a little goes a long way! You only need a little bit of product to cover your face with. First it feels a bit weird – in a good way though – because of its tackiness. And yes, it’s veeery sticky, haha. But! I really like the slight cooling effect and your pores seems to be almost gone immediatly after putting it on.

I used a cushion over the primer for my makeup look that day and it went on without any problems. I immediatly thought: “wow you look like photoshopped today… but… in real life” (and who doesn’t want that, huh?). My makeup also stayed in place and my pores didn’t get to look bigger that day – yay!

All in all i can definitely recommend this product if you’re having dry skin like me! The Jelly Pack has a very hydrating and cooling effect, which is perfect for people with dry skin in my opinion. However I can’t say how this product performs on oily/combo skin though!

You can get the J.One Jelly Pack (for example) at the K-Beauty Shop Glowrious, that also kindly provided me with this product for testing out.

The prices at Glowrious are 30 ml / 16,67 € or 50 ml / 32,12 €

Do you use a primer before doing foundation? Have you ever tried the Jelly Pack? Let me know in the comments


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