Limecrime Venus III Eyeshadow Palette

Hi guys! As some of you know, Lime Crime launched the new Venus III Palette, which completes the Venus Eyeshadowpalette-Trio. Lime Crime is a vegan and cruelty free make up brand from the USA, that is especially known for their liquid lipsticks and diverse colors.

As a european you can get Lime Crime at their US website, but i prefer to buy from, which is based in the UK (good for german people as well, because you dont need to pay customs!). With a worth over 40 , they offer free worldwide shipping – what i think is a good deal! Plus: cultbeauty often offers sales, which makes it impossible not to buy anything (am i right?). When they had 15 % off everything at Lime Crime, i know i had to get this lovely palette!


First of all lets praise this gorgeousness of this palette! I love the lilac cardboard and the typical Venus on the front, like the other Venus’ palettes have as well. It also comes with a mirror inside, which is practical.

The color scheme is just speaking directly to my mind – it was love at first sight, i’d say. It contains three mattes, three shimmer and two more likely metallic shades. The colors swatch easy, but they perform the best on the eyes. They blend like a dream and the colors are buildable.


Last photo (from the left to right): Rapture (Shimmer), Heavenly (Metallic/Shimmer), Beam (Metallic), Dreamy (Matte).

Last photo (starting from the top); Beloved (Shimmer), Bliss (Matte), Paradise (Shimmer), Ecstasy (Matte).

I did a “grungy” look that i’m currently wearing on an everyday basis at the moment. Pairing it with a nude lipstick and you’re ready to roll!

First i blended Dreamy all over my crease and upper lid, i left the middle of my eye blank to put on Beam here (i sprayed a bit of settingspray on my brush first – so it is more.. well, beaming!). After that i put a mix of Bliss and Dreamy under my eye. A bit of Ecstasy on my outer corner and in my crease to deepen everything a bit – et voila! We’re done!

Have you ever used products from Lime Crime? Did you get one of the Venus palettes? Let me know in the comments

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