Dr. Lee Gold Prestige Essence & Gold Prestige Activating Cream

 PR  Sample

The korean mecial skincare brand Dr. Lee Korea has been around for many years and is known for its skincare invention experience. I kindly received the Gold Prestige Essence and the Gold Prestige Activating Cream from the korean-beauty online shop les petites bourgeoises, which is based in france. I took it to the test and used both products for a couple of weeks now.First of all – can we talk about looks? The essence as well as the cream arrived in a golden cardboard packaging; the essence is inside a glas bottle, what makes it heavy and feeling super luxurious. The cream has a plastic container, but its golden cover let it appear fancy as well.

I use the essence every morning and in the evening after a toner – and man, what a fun! I pour some of the essence into my palm and gently tap it into the skin. Furthermore i adore the golden flecks inside the essence – i mean, i always love to do my skincare routine because it makes me feel like i’m doing something good for my skin, but when it looks this luxurious, it’s even more fun. Where’s the champagne?


The essence has a “runny” sort of formula and absorbs very fast – also the golden flecks just melt into your skin, which leaves your skin looking glowy. It also is supposed to awaken skin cells and increase your skin elasticity for a smooth and youthful looking skin. From my point of view i can already say that my skin has improved and looks more even and definaltely more glowy!

After the essence i use the Gold Activating Cream from the same brand. It comes with a V-face massage tool made out of stone, which is supposed to the used for an effective way of lifting your face contour – i often use it in my under eye area as well, because it just feels so nicely cold.


The cream has a pump cover, which i’ve rarely seen for a cream product – but maybe that’s just me. It has a gel like formula and also golden flecks, that melt into your skin while applying. The cream is supposed to smooth wrinkles and increases your skin elasticity – i really noticed that my normally dry skin is feeling moist and hydrated throughout the day.

You can get both products at les petites bourgeoises – the Gold Prestige Activating Cream (with V-Tool) is priced at 50 € / 50 ml and the Gold Prestige Essence at 45 € / 130 ml.

Do you know Dr. Lee Korea? Have you ever used products from this brand? Let me know in the comments!


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